We Begin with the end in mind...

You know you need professional portraits, but where do you start, and how are the final portraits going to be used?  At Danielle Pease Photography, we (meaning you and me) begin with the end in mind, which means, before I ever pick up the camera, we have a plan for where and how these photos will hang in your home or the story they will tell in your custom designed album.  Do you have a tall, skinny spot above your fireplace or in the hall?  I will create an amazing iconic image to hang there.  Perhaps you want to start a family gallery incorporating older images with the new portraits you are commissioning.  We can make that happen.  Are you moving soon or live in a house with no wall space?  Telling your family's story in a luxurious, custom-designed album lets you capture and preserve this stage of your lives.  Your unique needs and concerns will guide your one on one consultation with me.  You can schedule a consultation by choosing the "Book Me" button even if you just have want to meet me or would like a studio tour.  You can also call or email anytime with questions or to schedule a consultation. 


Step 1:  The Consultation.

Our process begins with a consultation, so I can  find out more about your senior or your family.     


Contact me anytime with questions.


Step 2:  The Shoot.

If you've had your family




Step 3:  The View and Order.

Approximately one week after your photo shoot, you will come to the studio for your View and Order appointment.  Your view and order appointment is the time set aside to finalize your portrait order, so be sure and schedule a time when all decision makers can be there.

Using photography software, we will be able to compare,   That way you don't have to image what your photos look like on your walls or what size is the right size.

I will guide you every step of the way using the goals from the consultation to achieve your vision of your family portraits.


Step 4:  Portrait Delivery.

About 4-6 weeks after your order has been placed, your portraits will be delivered to your home!  


Step 5:  Enjoy Your Beautiful Artwork!

The hard work is over.  Your portraits adorn the walls of your home.  Your family album has pride of place on your coffee table and you are receiving comment after comment about your beautiful portraits and holiday cards.  Sit back and take credit for creating those beautiful humans that are your children and enjoy seeing the people you love on the walls of your home.  Every. Single. Day.


Step 6:  The Long Term Plan.  

First, let's talk about my Senior Boomerang Plan!  Senior portraits mark the beginning of senior year.  A year full of senior memories, high school "lasts", and memorable event, and we can be there every step of the way.  The Boomerang Plan has smaller photo shoots throughout the year, so the album ....My seniors can elect to purchase an album during the initial Senior Portrait session, 

Seniors also have the option to add on a Family session after October 25th for a $100 session fee.

Now, let's talk about Families, because I know your families will be changing and growing